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Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 8: Done-geon | Roleplay Retcon

Ridley, Elwin, and Mervin face their final, deadliest challenge in the Antius City Thieves' Guild maze.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 7: The Goblets of Failure | Roleplay Retcon

Does anyone remember life before this dungeon? Since they live here, now, the trio decides to poke around the dungeon and see what they didn't see before.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 6: Tell Me U Don’t Lava Me | Roleplay Retcon

They got past the fighty room, now it's time for the magic spelly room and the jumpy room, both of which go smoothly without any dramatic incident.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 5: For Whom Them Bones Toll | Roleplay Retcon

Ridley, Elwin, and Mervin descend into the Antius City Thieves' Guild Maze (ACTGM) sans Snails to begin their search for the Dragon's Eye. Mervin comes prepared to cheat the maze with magic, only to find that it's less "labyrinth" and more "Labyrinth (1986)," although this one doesn't have David Bowie and wants to kill them real bad.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 4: Crits and Snails and Underdog Tales | Roleplay Retcon

The Gang arrive in Antius City to search for the unsurprisingly elusive Thieves' Guild and its... colorful leader, Xilus. But, how will they find people that don't want to be found? Will Elwin find the spicy life she craves?  Will Mervin be able to change into un-sewered robes, finally? Will Ridley make yet another new friend? Yes, No, and Maybe, but you have to guess which!

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 3: Elwin Some, You Lose Some | Roleplay Retcon

The man in the back says "everyone attack!" and it turns into a bar room blitz! The flimsy twine of fate has bound Mervin, Elwin, Ridley, and Snails together so far; will it snap when swords are drawn and spells are slung?

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 2: Magical Mervin | Roleplay Retcon

Mervin grapples with grief as he escapes through the tunnels beneath the city with Ridley, Elwin, and Snails. Why did Vildin think this scroll was so important? Is there any way to read its magically encrypted contents?

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 1: The Talented Mx. Ripley | Roleplay Retcon

Yass, henny! The inaugural episode of our remake of the 2000 Dungeons & Dragons movie covers about the first 17 minutes of the original film, so we might want to pick up the pace after this one. Still, there's a lot in that 17 minutes: Heists, ever-morphing British accents, the eponymous dragons, betrayal, treasure, murder, mayhem, and mage hand!

Dungeons & Dragons (2000): Dungeons& Dragons Fifth Edition Rookie Camp | Roleplay Retcon

We're going full meta by remaking the 2000 Courtney Solomon Dungeons & Dragons movie using, shockingly, Dungeons & Dragons 5E. This series is a little different than our others, in that... well, you'll have to listen, because it's a little wild. Also, if you're new to D&D, come listen to series Director Alex conduct the crashiest of courses. This series features Kim from the Chaotic Goodness podcast!

This series features music by Myuu!

Envy (2004) (Ben Stiller, Jack Black) with Big Meeting! Podcast | Righters’ Room | Roleplay Retcon

It's a Righters' Room for the 2004 Barry Levinson film Envy, a boring story that completely fails to deliver on its premise and somehow wastes Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Weisz. So, we brought in two rising geniuses in the film industry, the pitchmasters at the Big Meeting! podcast! 

Envy soundtrack by Mike Mothersbaugh.

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