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July 21, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017): Rehash | Roleplay Retcon

It's a wrap party for The Dark Tower! We read some fan retcon ideas, cast our characters, retcon the retcon, and reveal our next series! Not gonna lie, it gets a little intense in this one!


July 6, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017): Finale | Roleplay Retcon

The ka-tet reaches the clearing at the end of the path. Enemies are revealed. Friends are found.|



June 22, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017) Ep. 8: A Fistful of Failures | Roleplay Retcon

The ka-tet is a man down and a woman up. They make the decision to press on with their new mission and ambush Jonas and his men, whom they assume is lying in wait for them at the mayor's mansion.|

June 8, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017) Ep. 7: Alain’s Wake | Roleplay Retcon

The shootout continues against the agents of the insurrectionist John Farson, a.k.a. "The Good Man." Roland is reminded of his hawk friend David's sacrifice on his path to being a Gunslinger. |

May 26, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017) Ep. 6: The Ruckus | Roleplay Retcon

The party stretches into its third episode-- no, just kidding, there's guns in this one. |

May 11, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017) Ep. 5: She Seems Sad | Roleplay Retcon

Dinner's kindof a downer, and even Cuthbert's constant flirting can't raise Mayor Thorin's wife Olive's spirits. Meanwhile, Roland has his fated "first meeting" with Susan Delgado. 


April 27, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017), Ep. 4: Carp on the Carpet | Roleplay Retcon

The boys arrive for Mayor Thorin's party, but they're not there to have fun (except Cuthbert and his new pal Seamus, obviously). There's intrigue, innuendo, and ew, is that fish? That is going RIGHT on the floor.

April 14, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017), Ep. 3: We are ALL Roland | Roleplay Retcon

The boys get settled in and find the local watering hole, where they test the patience of suspicious Sheb and meet sweet, perfect angel Seamus.

March 30, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017), Ep. 2: The Skinny on the Thinny | Roleplay Retcon

The ka-tet begins to wonder if their movie is directed by David Lynch as they meet the odd authority figures of Hambry. Between that and the supernatural "thinny" in the canyon outside of town, the boys are beginning to suspect there may be more to the sleepy town than it seems.

March 17, 2021  

The Dark Tower (2017), Ep. 1: Bean Prep | Roleplay Retcon

Roland, the youngest Gunslinger of all time, sets out on a tedious mission to get him out of harm's way. Accompanied by his friends and Gunslinger trainees, Cuthbert and Alain, he makes his way toward Hambry, a tiny, quiet settlement in the middle of nowhere, far from their home in Gilead. But, Ka blows at Roland's back, and things never stay tedious around him for long...

We swear this bean stuff comes up organically. It is never planned.

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