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April 30, 2019  

Indiana Jones ATKOTCS Ep. 2: No Filla, All Villa | Roleplay Retcon

Paris is liberated, so now Indy and the gang go to Spain to meet with Esperanza Rodriguez, an Indiana Jones superfan who knows all about the eponymous skulls. They'll have to Scooby-Doo their way through a creepy old mansion and solve Pizarro's ancient riddles. Mona steals some art, and Jensie's soul possesses a new body.

April 19, 2019  

Indiana Jones ATKOTCS Ep. 1: We’ll Always Have Tea and Beans | Roleplay Retcon

Alex takes the GM throne for Roleplay Retcon's version of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. Can the heroes stop wondering what happened to Clive Owen and spouting snake Fun Facts long enough to liberate Paris?

April 10, 2019  

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(s), Roleplay Rookie Camp: Savage Worlds | Roleplay Retcon

In this episode, we reveal the movie we're retconning in our next series, using the Savage Worlds RPG system! GM duties are rotating to Alex, and he goes over the basics of Savage Worlds. You can also meet the guest player for this series, Mona Moon, artist for the webcomic Dan the Snowman!

April 8, 2019  

Batman & Robin: Rehash | Roleplay Retcon

Now that filming on Batman & Robin has wrapped, it's time to go to the editing room. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? What will hindsight on hindsight reveal?

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