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August 20, 2019  

Twilight, Ep. 1: Forks 101 | Roleplay Retcon

It's the first day of classes at Ryan Stiles High School, and awkward senior Bradley Swan is stumbling through conversations with the supernaturally attractive-yet-equally-awkward Estella Cullen. Meanwhile, a suspicious death in the woods seems like more than just a typical hunt-gone-wrong, and Police Chief Charlie (and distant Dad to Bradley) is worried it might be tied to a dark chapter in the town's history.


"Autumn" by Puscifer.

Original Twilight score by Carter Burwell.

August 6, 2019  

Twilight, Rookie Camp: FATE Core | Roleplay Retcon

Jensie takes the GM throne and runs us through the world-building and character-building mechanics of Evil Hat Productions' Fate Core. We also reveal the movie we're retconning in this series, which our guest player, Haley Koch, is an expert and OG fan of!

The gif we talk about (proooobably NSFW)

The other picture we talk about (very wholesome)

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