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September 17, 2019  

Twilight, Ep. 3: Cool Beans | Roleplay Retcon

Episode 3 of Roleplay Retcon's re-imagining of Twilight introduces new challenger Jacob Black. We'd call him a "dark horse" but "horse," somehow, doesn't quite fit? Meanwhile, Edward Finch plays mind games with Charlie and reveals some juicy details from Madge's phone.


"The Dragon of Round Rock," "My Clumsy Tongue," and "Safe Harbor" by The Wolves of Chernobyl.

Original Twilight score by Carter Burwell.

September 3, 2019  

Twilight, Ep. 2: Sins of the Father | Roleplay Retcon

More darkness covers Forks in episode 2 of Twilight. Bradley gets closer to Estella and further from Charlie when a secret from his past is revealed to him. Alex's taint ruins everything.

Featuring "This Terrible It" and "W/ Half a Disease" by The Wolves of Chernobyl.

Original Twilight Score by Carter Burwell.

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