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October 29, 2019  

Twilight, Ep. 6: Basebrawl | Roleplay Retcon

The Kids Aren't Alright in episode 6 of Roleplay Retcon does Twilight, and the adults aren't doing great, either. Bradley and Estella have to deal with the contents of the mystery box that arrived at the Swan house, and Carlisle has a grim diagnosis for Madge.


"The Dragon of Round Rock," "All We're Offered," and "Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket" from the album Eschatologies by The Wolves of Chernobyl.

"Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven.

"Reversion 2015" by Nicolas Gasparini

Original Twilight score by Carter Burwell.

October 15, 2019  

Twilight, Ep. 5: Fish and ‘Ships | Roleplay Retcon

Estella and Brad's feelings pull them in different directions. Charlie looks for Madge where it all began 15 years ago.


"My Clumsy Tongue" and "This Terrible It" by The Wolves of Chernobyl.

Original Twilight score by Carter Burwell.

October 1, 2019  

Twilight, Ep. 4: Invited In | Roleplay Retcon

Welp, get comfortable: We accidentally made a bottle episode! Tensions of all sorts rise as a borderline-manic Charlie forces Estella, Bradley, and Madge to hunker down in the Swan house. Bradley makes the most of it by asking Estella all the questions you had about vampires, but were too afraid to ask.


"Beloved Bones" by The Wolves of Chernobyl

Original Twilight score by Carter Burwell

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