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October 27, 2020  

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 6: Tell Me U Don’t Lava Me | Roleplay Retcon

They got past the fighty room, now it's time for the magic spelly room and the jumpy room, both of which go smoothly without any dramatic incident.

October 14, 2020  

Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Ep. 5: For Whom Them Bones Toll | Roleplay Retcon

Ridley, Elwin, and Mervin descend into the Antius City Thieves' Guild Maze (ACTGM) sans Snails to begin their search for the Dragon's Eye. Mervin comes prepared to cheat the maze with magic, only to find that it's less "labyrinth" and more "Labyrinth (1986)," although this one doesn't have David Bowie and wants to kill them real bad.

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