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Super Mario Bros. (the Movie!) Ep. 4: Jump, Man! | Roleplay Retcon

April 28, 2020

The Mario Siblings' reunion has to be quick, because now it's time to take the elevator to the top of Bowser's Castle to face the big man himself.

The soundtrack for Roleplay Retcon does Super Mario Bros. (the Movie!) features music by Challenger Deep!

W.O.I.N. RPG system by Russ Morrissey and Mike Myler.

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"Imagiro," Camelia," "Immersive," "The Start of Something New," and "Welcome to the Show" by Challenger Deep.

"Somewhere My Love" by Frankie Yankovic.

"Reversion 2015" by Nicolas Gasparini.

Original "Super Mario Bros." score by Alan Silvestri.